Toothpick Houses

Here is the 3 act math task we did in my MFM2P class today:Toothpick Houses

2 of the 5 groups found a rule (albeit two different rules) to calculate higher values like 500 houses. One group (on the chalkboard) found the rule I was expecting using slope & y-intercept of 4 x step number + 1. The group on the whiteboard above used 5 x step number – (step number – 1) even though they didn’t write it out in that fashion. I had them explain that to me orally (which required some prodding & questioning from me to get it out of them). I love that the group came up with this 2nd rule as it wasn’t one I predicted; so awesome when they surprise me & see patterns in a new or different way from me!

Mostly all of the groups counted up in pictures or tables to solve for 30 houses. Note to self: pick a higher number next time, maybe 99?

Here they are making a row of 30 houses to check their answer (act 3):Toothpick Houses Act 3

– Laura Wheeler (Teacher @ Ridgemont High School, OCDSB; Ottawa, ON

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