Coffees & Muffins for Linear Systems #MFM2P #3actmath

Today I presented my students with this image:LR3

I asked them what Mathematical questions they could ask related to this. They came up with some really great questions today:questions

Perhaps this isn’t the best “Act 1” I’ve given – it might be a little “too helpful” as Dan Meyer would say. I could strip it down more by taking off the prices & only revealing them in Act 2. Thoughts as to whether or not that would make this a better activity are welcome – comment below.

Next I asked them to estimate the price of 1 coffee & the price of 1 muffin. Then they went to their boards w/ the small groups to solve:Summary

All the groups found it pretty easy to solve. Then I showed them how to write the two equations using c for coffee & m for muffins. I showed them how to solve algebraically using elimination. I really tried to get them to see how the steps they followed were the same as those in the algebraic solution:

They had the rest of the class to start on the homework: some basic elimination exercises on Khan Academy.

Folder w/ all lesson materials here.

– Laura Wheeler (Teacher @ Ridgemont High School, OCDSB; Ottawa, ON)

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