River Width task #MFM2P #3ActMath

I’ve been neglecting my posts sharing my activities from MFM2P lately. As school wraps up for the holiday break I am hoping to catch up!

Summary (8).jpg

A few weeks back I created this River Width task for us to look at similar triangles again.

Act 1

Using a map of the Rideau River near Ottawa I asked my class to estimate the width of the river at this point:IMG_1452.PNGTheir estimates:Capture

Act 2

I gave them some measurements (based on the similar triangle curriculum expectation that I was trying to hit on that day):IMG_1453.PNG

I sent them to their boards to solve. Most groups calculated the scale factor & then used that to find the missing length:IMG_0369.JPGOthers set up a proportion to solve:IMG_0370.JPG

Act 3

Answer reveal: Capture (1).JPGThe answer was ~108 m and many of them were pretty close in their estimate!

Lately I’ve taken to creating a “consolidation” handout for the following day where we can work on describing our steps, tools & strategies from various solutions. Here’s the handout for that.

And as always here’s the entire folder of materials for this activity.

– Laura Wheeler (Teacher @ Ridgemont High School, OCDSB; Ottawa, ON)

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