Trig Practice – missing angles #MFM2P #3ActMath

This is the follow up to a post I wrote last week in response to a blog post by Kate Nowak titled In Defense of Unsexy about posting our regular “boring” functional lessons, and not just the cool, innovative & “sexy” ones we think will impress others.

Act 1: Prompt, notice & wonder


Missing Side Length

Act 1: Estimate
CaptureAct 2 & 3: Solve & Discuss strategies & errors as a class
IMG_0918.JPGSince I wasn’t originally planning to blog about this lesson, I only took a photo of one group’s board; the one we voted as the most correct & nicely communicated. The class especially liked that they had solved with 2 different formulas to check their work.

Missing angle w/ Trig

Act 1: EstimateCapture

Act 2 & 3: Solve & Discuss strategies & errors as a classIMG_0919We use a trig table in order to find values, but during act 3 I did some direct teaching about how to use their calculator buttons for sin, cos & tan as they needed to do so in order to get angle measures to the nearest hundredth in their homework on Khan Academy.

Remaining missing angle

Finally we used the PearDeck drawing slide in order to solve for the 3rd angle (this was done individually at their desks as opposed to in our small groups at the vertical boards).Capture (2).JPG

Homework was this set on Khan Academy.

As always, here is the full folder for this activity.

– Laura Wheeler (Teacher @ Ridgemont High School, OCDSB; Ottawa, ON)

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