Visual Overviews of #MPM2D & #MFM2P

Here are 2 visual overview 1-pagers or posters I have created for the 2 Math courses I taught this semester.


MPM2D Visual Overview (1).png


MFM2P overview.png

– Laura Wheeler (Teacher @ Ridgemont High School, OCDSB; Ottawa, ON)


2 thoughts on “Visual Overviews of #MPM2D & #MFM2P

  1. This was too funny. I was reading about VNP and saw some of you class pictures. I wondered if you blogged about them and went to your main page. Do you have or are you willing to share them?

    • Hi Anne,
      I have posters with the overall expectations as well as a single image poster which is a visual summary of the expectations. Which one are you looking for? (or both?) & for which course? E-mail me at to let me know & I’ll send you the files!

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