My year on Twitter in 2018

I didn’t blog a ton this year. But I was still fairly active on Twitter. So as is the tradition, here is my year-end review of my Tweets that seemed to go over well this year according to the stats from

This tweet where I tried to summarize how I teach Math in 1 tweet:

A tweet in response to a #BFC530 Twitter chat question – “What is one “best practice” that you do in your school/classroom that, if adopted broadly, could be a game changer for education quality?”:

The OAME Math conference is always good for a few crowd-pleasers:

Another #BFC530 response to the question “What is one thing you would like non-educators to know about education?”.

Seems like every year my Observe Me sign comes down for whatever reason then I decide it should go back up!

As in years past, sketchnotes are always a big hit!
Hope to see you around Twitter & the MTBoS.

– Laura Wheeler (Teacher @ Ridgemont High School, OCDSB; Ottawa, ON)

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