Celsius VS Fahrenheit #MathChat #3ActMath

Today in my MFM2P class I wanted us to work on solving equations (LR1 in the curriculum). My students had an individual work period while I was away for a meeting at the board office yesterday, so I needed something that would get them thinking & working in groups. So I put together a quick 3 act math activity using the formula for converting between Celsius & Fahrenheit:

LR1 Celsius VS Fahrenheit MFM2P

The curriculum says students should be able to solve equations that contain fractions. But in my experience, 2P students have a huge mental block when it comes to working with fractions. So I encouraged them to represent the fraction as a decimal instead; easing their anxiety. We talked about how the rounding of the decimal will mean our final answer won’t be dead on, but it will be close.

The correct answer is 51.8ºF and one of the groups was able to get an answer of 51.6ºF as seen above which is not too bad! They did have a nice conclusion sentence too, but I didn’t capture that in my photo.

– Laura Wheeler (Teacher @ Ridgemont High School, OCDSB; Ottawa, ON