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  1. Hi Laura,
    Great post on Pear Deck. I love the application of 3 Act Tasks utilizing Pear Deck. Would you be willing to share this PearDeck so that I could share with secondary principals in my area?
    Vince Hoover

  2. Thanks, Laura! I just came upon your site. I already use VNPS and VRG in my classes, which so far have been academic/university. I am about to teach MFM2P for the first time in a few years and have never done it this way before! (Excited!) Some questions about the course packs: How have you found the quality? Do you check for accuracy so that they are not following incorrect examples? Do they check each other’s? Do your students get to have them as reference on tests? Final exam?

    • Hi Carina,
      Quality depends on the student. Some of them are still blank by the end despite my best efforts to give time in class for them to complete it – some aren’t interested. But for P classes I fill in worked examples in their course pack before copying so they at least have those in there & many of them care less about definitions & properties (the parts I leave blank for them to complete). In D classes they sometimes wind up with incorrect examples or formulas etc but it often gets noticed & fixed when they go to use it to help them solve a problem in class & we/they notice the error. I also sometimes provide gallery walk time where we walk around to see what other people have added as notes in theirs. They don’t get to use the course pack on tests/exams but they do make memory aids for tests based on their course pack. Memory aid is one 8.5×11 hand-written sheet per test.
      Happy to answer any other questions you might have …. hope you enjoy the MFM2P kids 🙂

  3. Just wanted to thank you, Laura…your Learning in the Loo Sketchnotes are beyond brilliant and I love the content of your site, it has been extremely helpful in bringing me up to speed with current education trends and giving me the confidence to try something new. Thanks again for sharing!

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